Strategic consulting for digital transformation

Creating Digital Readiness

Building Digital Champions:
You want to benefit from the opportunities of digital transformation but don’t know how?

The digital transformation is now an important topic for all businesses: digital technology and interconnected applications promise more efficiency, new data-supported business models and competitive advantages. Those who fail to transform are at risk of falling behind their competitors.

Many small and medium sized businesses remain in a state of considerable uncertainty, however: how can I tap into digital areas of business or further develop my existing range of products on a profitable basis with data-supported services? And how can I avoid the security risks associated with the increasing digitalisation and interconnection?

Navigating digital change


NewTec offers guidance, support, security and safety for your new challenges. We are your strategic partner for digital projects – from finding ideas up to safe operation.

Digital technologies and interconnected applications offer more efficiency, new data-based business models and a competitive edge. Missing out on digital change could cost you your competitiveness.

Start off now: All beginnings are hard – and even harder if the task seems very complex. With strategy sessions that are tailored to your company and target market, we will help owners, CEOs and decision makers to choose the direction. Experienced trainers will provide boosts and support – starting with the analysis of your business targets, markets and business areas up to the development of an integrated vision and a roadmap for your change challenge.



NewTec Strategy Sessions

Objectives and means: “Digital Vision & Mission”

  • Analysis of trends in the industry
  • Market and business segment analysis
  • Integral digital vision and mission
  • Roadmap for digital transformation

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New business models: “Digital Business Innovation”

  • Innovation workshop (product innovation)
  • Development of digital business models
  • Integral assessment of the development potentials

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Design the change: “Change & Values”

  • Build new competencies
  • Organisational structures and employees
  • Create a transformation roadmap

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Your benefits

Digital vision
You know where you want to be and what you need to get there.

Integration of digital business models
You know how and with what you will earn money in ten years’ time.

Clear roadmap
You have a strategic plan with tangible milestones – technical and organisational.

Stable basis for implementation
You know which competencies, resources and partners you need.

Your contact person
Stephan Strohmeier
Head of Safety & Security Solutions

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