About NewTec GmbH


Experts in safety and reliability

Founded in 1986, NewTec has more than three decades of experience in the development of complex hardware and software with the highest demands on safety and reliability. As experts for safe and reliable solutions in safety-related engineering, around 300 highly qualified employees at six locations realize tailor-made solutions for your products and innovations that strengthen your market position and give you a competitive edge.

We provide:

  • Safety and protection against damage to your image - thanks to NewTec's unique safety expertise. ("NewTec safety inside" with guaranteed success)
  • Strengthening your market position and competitiveness - through our focus on innovative solutions and shorter time-to-market with the help of a proven, structured approach to all aspects of safety engineering.
  • Everything from a single source - safety consulting, safety development and solutions as well as a comprehensive range of services and training on innovative high-tech solutions.

We minimize your risk

Whether you have secured a contract for a safety-relevant project or, as a supplier, have to implement the requirements of a new safety level, whether you have to react to stricter standards or are aiming for a leap in competence with your company, e.g. by supplying a safety-relevant component for a vehicle manufacturer: NewTec is your partner for all safety-related aspects of your engineering, your production and your products.

With NewTec at your side, you won't waste time with DIN standards and safety requirements or building up complex safety know-how for individual projects. You can focus entirely on the development of your product, as you have the product know-how and the corresponding development expertise. We complement this with our unique knowledge and experience in the areas of safety, reliability and security. By entrusting us with the functional safety and embedded security of your products, you minimize the risks of bad investments, delayed time to market, escalating development costs or damage to your image.


Planning and investment security

As the market leader for safety solutions, NewTec is committed to the success of your product innovation. We advise you on all safety-relevant aspects and the corresponding project management. Our safety and security experts will show you a solution concept and, if desired, implement it together with you. From the initial workshop with a proof-of-safety concept, through a hazard and risk analysis, to integration and implementation and an intensive test phase.

For you, this ensures maximum transparency and a clear basis for decision-making at all times. You can decide which path to take in each phase. You are able to reliably calculate costs and time to market at an early stage.

If you wish, we can also support you with training to set up technology and teams and implement transformation processes in development and production.

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Safe products for a safe world

Our everyday lives are full of dangers. Whether in a car or on an airplane, in an elevator or behind the handlebars of an electric scooter. New risks are constantly being added due to increasingly complex technical products and their growing interconnectedness. For example, what about the protection of things in the Internet or cyber security in the context of Industry 4.0?

Normally, we are hardly aware of these risks. We rely on the steering and brakes of our car to work reliably, the train door to close at the right moment and our internet-enabled fridge not being an open barn door for hacker attacks.


Safety and security engineering

At NewTec, we are fully committed to achieving the greatest possible product and system security and implementing the highest standards of reliability and integrity. This not only applies to security-relevant products but also to security solutions designed to ensure the protection of technical systems.
Our contribution to a safer world is to make technical innovations as secure as possible for users and to prevent damage to people, the environment and equipment. In line with our vision:

Together we shape a world in which mankind can trust in, with its more and more complex systems that can decide over life and death.


Processes, standards and predictive engineering

Our safety and security engineering is always based on traceable, repeatable and high-quality processes. General safety standards such as IEC 61508 provide the same important basis for our work as industry-specific standards - e.g. ISO 26262 for the automotive industry, EN 60601 for medical technology, EN 50128 for rail vehicles or the industry standard ISO 13849.

As the market leader for safety solutions, we also look beyond standards and seek answers today to questions that will arise tomorrow. By constantly questioning the status quo, NewTec works with our customers to develop innovative products that will make the world a safer place.

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Unleash potential

People grow with their challenges. As a company, it is important to us to offer everyone we work with fertile ground for their growth. Not only by challenging them, but above all by supporting them in developing their potential.

Innovative thinking and creative solutions arise above all where people can develop and contribute their personal strengths. They grow and flourish into market-ready, successful products where teams work towards a common goal with respect and awareness of the strengths of each individual.


Value-oriented leadership

At NewTec, we live a value-oriented corporate culture, mostly without fixed traditional hierarchies. Equal rights and a solution-oriented approach have high priority. Tolerance and respect as well as knowledge and recognition of the abilities of each individual are the foundations of our joint success. This also requires a willingness to take on responsibility. All employees can directly influence decisions in committees and thus help shape the future of NewTec.

We base our joint actions on five core values:

- Trust
- Encourage and develop
- Focus on results
- Shared vision
- Enthusiasm

We are constantly aware that people are the key to our success - every single NewTec employee who enables the implementation of the NewTec philosophy with their know-how, commitment and enjoyment of their work.


Authenticity and integrity towards customers and partners

Everything that is important to us within the company also forms the basis for cooperation with our customers and partners. In addition to focusing on our common goal, transparency and trust are the main pillars of our business relationships. As a customer, you therefore always have direct contact with the sales managers, project managers and project staff.

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