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Experts for safety, security and the digital transformation

Digitalisation, universal networking and e-mobility are presenting businesses with sophisticated challenges for which no straightforward solutions are available. Those who want to be successful over the long term will have to think in holistic terms and take a variety of contexts into account: the interdependencies between opportunities and risks, between systems and their environment or between processes and the people who support them.

Our goal is to support you on a long-term basis. To this end, we offer you a combination of competencies which is unique in the market: expertise in functional safety, IT security, innovative digital technologies (high-tech) as well as the success factors of organisational change processes (successful change). On this basis, we can provide you with comprehensive support with your safety- and security-relevant projects – starting with the product idea to the project management, development and testing, through to the presentation of products and their safe and secure operation.

Safety & Security by Design

Today, safety and security encompasses both functional safety (protection against malfunctions and operating errors) and IT security (protection against attacks and manipulation). In interconnected systems, both of these interact closely: malfunctions can be triggered by hackers, functional safety measures can place security at risk and vice-versa. NewTec considers the systems that are of relevance to safety and security in full. We ensure that safety and security requirements are taken into account from the start to rule out nasty surprises in the future – “safety & security by design”.
NewTec offers a wide range of solutions and services for the area of safety and security engineering – including risk analyses, safety or security concepts, developments, and support with integration and approval – as well as managed services in the product life cycle. According to your specific requirements, we offer ready-to-use high-tech solutions with the required security integrity up to SIL 4, including hardware, embedded software and application software.
Find out more about our competencies and services: Safety / Security.

Digital transformation

Do you want to take the opportunities offered by the digital transformation but are unsure about how to do so? This is a process in which NewTec offers you orientation and certainty: how can I develop new, data supported business models and further develop my existing range of products on a profitable basis? What requirements are necessary to implement, what is the optimum approach, and how do I avoid security and safety risks? We provide you with strategic and technological consultations and the transfer of know-how, support you with the creative development and efficient implementation of innovative, data-supported business models, and offer managed services for the safe and secure operation of interconnected systems. Find out more on the topic of Digital Transformation.

Targeted transfer of know-how

Would you like to develop resources for safe and secure developments and the implementation of innovative projects? On a competent and practically-oriented basis, our comprehensive training offer provides the required know-how for developers, project and product managers as well as departmental and section managers.

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