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Tools and services surrounding TRDP (Train Realtime Data Protocol)

NTTrainSolutions: Secure train communication and TRDP

The railway industry is characterised by numerous manufacturers, a variety of different proprietary protocols and end devices, which present operators, components manufacturers and OEMs with sophisticated challenges.
In the future, the IP-based Train Realtime Data Protocol (TRDP) will provide the uniform basis for network communication in trains. It enables universal interconnectivity and therefore a more dynamic train topology as well as a greater variety of compatible products and applications. TRDP is also the basis for TSN-based train networks in the future (Time Sensitive Network).

Comprehensive sector know-how

The safe and secure integration of IP technology and TRDP is presenting the manufacturers of train components with new challenges. As a member of the TCN Open Initiative, which focuses on the development of key components for future communications standards in the railways sector, NewTec has played a key role in the development of TRDP. With our sector know-how combined with our comprehensive safety and security expertise, we support our customers with the development of customised TRDP solutions according to the provisions of the standards DIN EN 50126, EN 50657 or IEC 61375-2, -3 and -4.

NTTrainSolutions: TRDP integration and more

Our offer for you: NTTrainSolutions, the complete package for your TRDP projects, from the specialists for safe and secure train communication. High performance tools and a variety of services help you to develop customised TRDP solutions, implement interfaces and test products on an automated basis for their interoperability, security and strength-related attributes.

The NTTrainSolutions also encompass the consultation and project support, a wide range of customer-specific services for developments and tests, training and coaching, as well as the flexible script-based NTOnTrack Test Environment. The NTOnTrack portfolio includes the script-based NTOnTrack Analyzer test tool and the NTOnTrack Responder TRDP end-devices simulator.

NTOnTrack: Test and Developement Environment

The  NTOnTrack Test and Development Environment for TRDP offers all the tools and support to create interoperable, robust and safe TRDP solutions.


Your benefits

Low costs

Short development times

Safer systems (safety & security)

Future security due to TRDP know-how

Easier implementation of standards

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NTTrainSolutions: TRDP Hands-on-Workshop

Comprehensive overview of Train Realtime Data Protocol (TRDP) and its use.