NTOnTrack TRDP Conformance Test

Test of End Device conformity to IEC 61375-2-8

We perform a conformance test with your end device. The NTOnTrack Conformance Test System is dedicated for End Devices using TRDP as a communication protocol within the Train Communication Network (TCN) according to IEC 61375 2-8.

The Conformance Test shall verify that the implementation/integration of a TRDP protocol stack into a custom device is realized in a way that the specific device behaves in conformance with the above standard.

It includes checks of Transport Layer, PD/MD communication patterns, addressing, PD/MD-PDUs, topography counters and reaction to faults. A detailed conformance “Test Specification” is the basis for the “Test System” running the “Test Scripts”. They interact with the “Test Application” implemented on the “De- vice under Test” (DuT).

The final Test Report then states the conformance.

NewTec Service

  • Test Execution with DuT in a test environment independent of the TCN Open TRDP Stack
  • Support of test iterations

Scope of delivery

  • Detailed Conformance Test specification including fault injection
  • Conformance Test Report
  • PICS proforma template
  • ‘C’-Source of Test Application for Device under Test (DuT)

Customer benefits

  • Reliable, reproducible testing of different End Devices using any operating systems for TRDP implementation as specified in IEC 61375-2-8
  • TCNOpen independent validation of the protocol implementation
  • Individual set of test cases (PICS related)

Test procedure


More details

The conformance tests are executed on the test system and stimulate and check the DuT. Therefore a provided “Test Application” is executed on the DuT to respond to the test system commands.

The DuT “Test Application” is a container of the different test cases which are developed in the programming language C. They can easily be linked to the DuT TRDP implementation.

The PICS proforma determines which features are supported by the DuT and which category of tests will be executed.

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