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Development of safe agricultural technology according to ISO 25119

Development of agricultural technology: NewTec offers comprehensive support

Agriculture is facing two major challenges. On the one hand, it has to supply a growing world population with food. On the other hand, it has to react to changing climatic and ecological conditions.
Modern agricultural technology is expected to support solutions such as precision farming and smart farming, and to enable efficient use of operating materials and resources, as well as careful treatment of the environment. To this end, for example, digital, networked (and in the near future increasingly autonomous) machines and devices in the barn and on the field collect a wide range of data on soil condition, plant and animal health.
But with increasing digitization and networking, the requirements for functional safety, usability and embedded security of agricultural machinery technology are growing.
NewTec helps manufacturers to implement these requirements. With technology consulting, engineering services, as well as software and hardware solutions, we are a competent partner for agricultural technology manufacturers.

Engineering Services for agriculture technology

NewTec offers comprehensive support in the development of agricultural machinery and barn technology - especially when it comes to safety engineering, security engineering or usability engineering. Experienced engineers are by your side throughout the entire development process - from technology consulting, systems and requirements engineering, soft- and hardware development up to the design of interfaces that can be operated intuitively and safely.

The relevant normative specifications, such as DIN EN ISO 25119 or ISO 11783, are taken into account at all process stages.

Functional Safety for agricultural technology

As specialists in functional safety, we use our experience, proven safety concepts, and special hard- and software to ensure that newly developed agricultural machinery meet all the requirements of safety-relevant standards such as DIN EN ISO 25119. We support agricultural technology manufacturers when it comes to safe control units, sensor control or environment monitoring systems, but also in safety engineering for autonomous agricultural technology (e.g. field robots such as sowing and mowing robots, row hoeing robots, weeding robots, etc.).
From technology consulting and requirements to implementation and testing, we ensure certified and proven processes for the safety of your products. To achieve the greatest possible traceability, every single step in the project phases is fully documented.

Security for agricultural technology

Digitization and networked agricultural technology place high demands on information security (data protection and protection against cyber attacks). If manufacturers want to make their agricultural technology capable of remote maintenance and remote diagnosis, for example, the (over-the-air) interfaces used for this purpose must be secured. The same applies to cloud connections of sensitive data from agricultural operations. Secure authorization procedures and update options must therefore be included in the development right from the start; there is hardly any way around end-to-end encryption and other security functions such as automatic logouts. For many agricultural technology manufacturers, however, security engineering is uncharted territory.
NewTec supports you in the development of new agricultural machinery technology and barn technology with security analyses and security engineering, taking into account all normative requirements, such as ISO/IEC 27001. We advise you on the implementation of security requirements and develop secure, data protection-compliant app applications.

Usability of agricultural technology

NewTec supports you in the development of operating concepts as well as intuitively operable terminals (e.g. tractor terminals) and app interfaces.
NewTec offers comprehensive usability engineering taking into account relevant standards such as the ISO 9241 series of standards. In detailed application analyses, we determine the needs of users depending on their situation. Based on these analyses, we develop intuitive user interfaces in which the possibility of operating errors is significantly reduced.


Platforms and solutions for agricultural technology applications

With our customized solutions and platforms, you can implement your agricultural technology projects quickly and reliably.


Wireless solutions

With NewTec's secure and reliable wireless solutions (NTReliableWirelessSolutions) components can be connected wirelessly and securely. As an Associate Member of the Bluetooth SIG, our experts support you with targeted workshops and product development.


Platform for secure cloud applications

With NTSecureCloudSolutions, NewTec offers a comprehensive solution and service package for innovative and secure cloud applications. Based on certified hard- and software solutions, machines can be controlled securely, sensors can be connected securely or sensitive production and operational data can be transmitted securely and encrypted.


Safe operation of battery-powered machines

Our NTBattery Management System (NTBMS) enables safe control and monitoring of batteries. This allows, for example, hybrid vehicles or battery-powered field robots to be safely supplied with energy.


Safety platforms

Development platforms such as NTMicroDrive for the functionally safe control of electric motors or the safety engineering platforms SafeFlex (FPGA-based) and NTSafeFlex STM32 (MicroController-based) reduce the development effort of safety-relevant applications and shorten development time.


Our services at a glance

  • Technology and safety consulting
  • Requirements engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Usability engineering
  • Risk management
  • Electronics development
  • Software development
  • App development
  • Design / mechanical development
  • Agile and classic project management
  • Process consulting
  • Change management
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