Cloud solutions for secure IoT applications

NTSecureCloudSolutions: HW & SW Framework for Secure IoT Applications

Until 2027, there will be more than 30 billion interconnected “things” in Germany.
(Source: IOT ANALYTICS 2023)

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are no longer a vision of the future, they are a reality. Many manufacturers, particularly in mechanical and plant engineering and the automotive industry, are using digital technologies to produce more effi ciently, but also for their own products and new services. Intelligent, interconnected systems consistently support activities along the entire value chain. If you want to remain competitive, you can’t miss the boat in the digital transformation.

Exploiting the opportunities of IoT and Industry 4.0

Technologies for Industry 4.0 are useful in every area where companies can access process-relevant data, such as product, oper-ation, status, environmental or spatial data. This affects all elements of the value chain: machines, material and parts, pallets, bands and vehicles, robots, production and logistics systems, employees, suppliers and customers – and of course the fi nished products from the tool right up to the wind turbine.

This data can be used in various ways: for efficient control of production and logistics, to optimise maintenance and repair work or to access completely new business areas through innovative information-based business models.

With NTSecureCloudSolutions, NewTec is offering a comprehensive IoT solution and service platform which will support companies in implementing innovative and secure products and services in the cloud environment. This means, that IoT applications, where the highest level of security is important right from the beginning, can be realised quickly and with little expense: e.g. Industry 4.0 scenarios, interconnected medical devices or applications for e-mobility or facility management.


A quicker way to success: Your platform for secure IoT applications

The core of the NTSecureCloudSolutions is a turnkey platform of certified secure hardware and software solutions with essential security functions such as e.g. certificate, policy and wireless device updating.

This includes IoT end devices (sensor nodes) and IoT gateways for the protected cloud connection, analysis and management tools as well as solutions for the functional safety when controlling devices, machines and systems. As needed, these devices and solutions are either available as standard products (out-of-the-box) or customer-specific developments.

Numerous services including consultation, training, operation and support complete the offer.


All components carry hardware-based security elements to provide both state of the art bidirectional authentication and cryptography capabilities. This allows not only for data acquisition but also for controlling and steering applications.

All components feature

  • Protected key and certificate storage
  • Individual provisioning for multiple project-specific CAs
  • Hardware support for symmetric and asymmetric authentication and encryption functionality

NTSecureCloudSolutions: Secure components

NTSecureCloudConnector (SCC): SCC is a software stack, providing a trusted channel to secure cloud services regarding bidirectional authentication and robust payload encryption. SCC is compatible with various secure elements, TPMs and HSMs. Besides a highly secure connectivity to the NTSecureCloud SCC is capable to connect third-party cloud services like Siemens Mindsphere, AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoTCore and MS-Azure IoT-Hub.

NTSecureCloud: NTSecureCloud is a scalable, highly secure data hub which is commonly used to provide encrypted or decrypted data to digital services like web applications, ERPs and MES. It can also be used as a secure cloud-proxy to provide data to different third-party cloud services.


Cloud Services


NewTec acts as full stack integration partner for safety and security relevant solutions. Besides the building blocks for secure cloud solutions NewTec offers cloud-based data analytics and a secure application framework for platform independent clientserver applications.

Third-party Cloud Services

  • Siemens Mindsphere: NewTec is part of the Siemens Mindsphere gold partner program. NewTec acts as hardware integration Partner for secure Mindsphere applications.
  • Compatible Cloud Provider: NewTec SecureCloud components support cloud authentication and connectivity to AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoT-Core and MS-Azure IoT-Hub.

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Transform data into profi table intelligence

Faster development of operational systems

Devices and services rolled into one and from one place

Security as a priority

Support through the whole life-cycle

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