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NTOnTrack TRDP Responder

End Device Simulator for TRDP

TRDP End Device simulation via PC

The NTOnTrack TRDP Responder is a communication software for Microsoft Windows and Linux that enables you to conveniently send and receive Process Data (PD) messages over a network using TRDP. TRDP telegrams and their datasets are configured via XML files. This allows you to simulate a TRDP enabled device on your PC and to communicate with and test your end devices under development.
Sending and receiving of TRDP telegrams and editing as well as the comparison of dataset content can easily be controlled by using the graphical user interface or the Python Scripting Interface. With these two interfaces it is possible to interact with the TRDP device under test and development in many different setups. The network traffic thus generated can be conveniently checked, monitored and visualized with the NTOnTrack TRDP Analyzer.

Consists of

  • Executable for Windows or LINUX
  • GUI & Python Scripting Interface
  • Example XML and Python Scripts

Customer benefits

  • Faster and more cost-effective product development
  • More reliable products
  • Easier development of safety-relevant systems
  • Future-proof due to TRDP expertise inside


System overview

Key features

  • Simulation of one end device
  • Graphical user interface for Windows and Linux
  • Sending / receiving of a configurable number of TRDP PD telegrams
  • Configurable via XML-Files
  • Manipulation and comparison of TRDP datasets
  • Unpublish / unsubscribe on the fly
  • Safety support with basic SDTv2 checking
  • Recognizing train inauguration (setting of topography counters)
  • Sending / Receiving of datasets is Python scriptable
  • Manipulation of data values and settings is Python scriptable

More details

  • Display of status, error count, dataset structure, and data values
  • Logging of sent and received messages
  • Changing of values (automatic increment per cycle)
  • Numerous individual setting options: bus interfaces, addressing
    (IP or URI addressing via host file), logging etc.
  • PD pull pattern support
  • TCNOpen Stack with NTOnTrack High Layer inside
  • Easy ready to use  Python API  
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