Strategy Session

Digital Business Innovation: Business models for digital transformation

How do your digital business models look like?

In Guided Sessions, we focus on crucial: suitable markets and correct technologies for your product innovations, matching business models, creation of the required expertise, transformation of your development projects and reorganisation of production processes (if required), as well as: How is the Return on Investment?

  • Checking: Image matching and actual state analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Market and business segment analysis
  • Product customer journey
  • Business model canvas
  • Value proposition analysis
  • Lean startup sprint

Future technologies and new business models

  • Technological steps for the development and realisation of innovative products and services.
  • Digital business models to exploit new business segments and markets based on existing products and services.

Target group:
Owners, CEOs, decision makers and sales managers who deal with the development of the
company, new products and services.

2 days


More Strategy Sessions

Objectives and means: “Digital Vision & Mission”

  • Analysis of trends in the industry
  • Market and business segment analysis
  • Integral digital vision and mission
  • Roadmap for digital transformation

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Design the change: “Change & Values”

  • Build new competencies
  • Organisational structures and employees
  • Create a transformation roadmap

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