The IDC-BoosterPack is a reference design for precise capacitive measurement used in industrial automation.

The highlight of the IDC-BoosterPack is the single-chip frontend, based on the TLV320AIC3254. It implements a patented measurement method from Texas Instruments for measuring complex impedances. This method covers a wide measuring range and offers a reliable detection of small signal levels even in the presence of strong interfering signals, like they are usual in production environment. It is suitable for capacitive or inductive sensors, used for example in manufacturing or building automation, process monitoring or portable measurement instrumentation. The integrated miniDSP provides the user a maximum of flexibility. By reconfiguring and reprogramming, the measurement can be adapted easily on your individual applications, measuring ranges and other additional requirements.

NewTec is your development partner having the required know-how for adapting the measurement system to your application.  Thereby we are supporting your design, beginning from the concept up to the realization of your products.

Order information:
•    Ordering Code: TIDA
•    Price: 250,00 €
•    Ordering via order form

Technical Data:
•    2 channel analog frontend based on the TLV320AIC3254
•    Application MCU: MSP430
•    Physical form factor in BoosterPack for compatibility with
      all TI LaunchPads
•    USB interface used for debugging and testing

•    Industrial automation and process control
•    Pressure, level, point level field transmitters
•    Medical technology (bio-impedance measurement)