Technology meets law: Developing high-quality products with certainity

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The diversity and complexity with which technical developments are made today makes it necessary to be familiar with the legal liability considerations which relate to Industry 4.0. The aim is to avert business damage which can occur through product errors. The value added by this is the high-quality product development, sustainable and reliable. Within your project team, with an additional trainer who has knowledge in your technical area, you will work on the concrete identification and removal of errors.


  • State of the legal discussion and basic knowledge about the legal liability systematic
  • Evaluation of the situation, error identification and hot spots
  • Define goals, determine and plan implementation measures
  • Sustainability: create success in a reliable way that can be identified, measured, repeated

Customer Benefits:
You will get a systematic overview over the most important basics in liability law. You will develop specific strategic concepts with your team to reach the individually determined goal. This way, you will develop a solution approach in the workshop which will systematically improve the product quality in a sustainable and reliable way. This process is accompanied by planning concrete implementation measures.

Target Group:
Executive management, product managers, software developers

1 day



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