Safety Seminar Package: Safety-First (2 days) and Safety Plus (4 days)

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Two safety packages have been put together just for you, which ensure that your company is on the right track in implementing the necessary requirements successfully from the start.

The topic of functional safety is becoming more and more important due to the standardisation in developing safety-relevant systems. In many sectors such as industry, medical technology, automotive and transport, the need for functional safety is on the rise. More and more directives, safety standards and guidelines for individual processes are coming into existence in the technical realisation of projects.

Safety relevant system developments are getting increasingly complex. This will lead to more and more requirements for producers and their partners, e.g. their suppliers. Introduction of the DIN EN ISO 13849 and compliance with the requirements from DIN EN IEC 61508 in the industrial environment plays a very important and complex role to guarantee safety.
You will be successful as a producer when you coordinate the standards, certified processes and applied technologies in project management.
Being a specialist company for functional safety, NewTec has many years of practical experience for the development of safe and secure systems and we have been sharing theoretical knowledge on diverse topics in seminars for years. Due to this expertise, NewTec can offer you the foundation and assistance to start implementing standards and corresponding processes. We will consider your individual requirements and needs.

Safety-Plus Package (4 days) - Seminar-Nr. CAMP.SPP


  • Target process DIN EN IEC 61508 (2-day seminar)
  • GAP Analysis "Processes" (1-day workshop)
  • FMEA, FMEDA, FTA (1-day seminar)
  • Requirements for certification (working document)

Customer benefits:

  • Initial support in implementing standards and processes
  • Extensive experience of NewTec employees
  • Point of contact for licensing offices
  • Working models and useful information
  • Training and support
  • Certainty in fulfilling the demands of DIN EN ISO 13849 and DIN EN IEC 61508

Safety-First Package (2 days) - Seminar-Nr. CAMP.SFP

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9.000 Euro plus VAT

The seminar takes place at your location.
By appointment.

Seminar-Nr. CAMP.SPP
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