NTSecureGateway 1011:

Wireless Sensor Connection via BLE and OPC UA

Sensors are the perception organs of machines and plants: their data can be analyzed to observe the condition of tools and workpieces, monitor production processes and detect deviations or overloads. The secure gateway technology from NewTec securely transmits any sensor data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to the control system or the cloud. The integrated OPC UA server (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) enables manufacturer-independent communication between machines and controllers. Sensors without BLE capabilities are connected via NewTec’s secure cloud nodes.

Equipping Tools with Sensors

Today, machine tools are highly complex, computer-controlled electromechanical systems. They usually already have network interfaces and support modern standards such as OPC UA. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the same extent to the tools, which are often connected to the machine via a chuck or special tool holders. It is often impossible to connect sensors attached to the tool via cables, for example if the tool performs complex movements. With NTSecureGateway, the required sensors can be linked wirelessly and connected directly to the control system without great effort thanks to BLE-OPC-UA conversion.

Adding Sensors to Legacy Machine Tools

In the portfolio of many manufacturers and also in many factories there still exist many proven machine tools without much electronics. In some factory buildings high-tech lathes or milling machines stand beside old machines, possibly even without CNC. Their integration into IIoT scenarios is complicated by proprietary or non-existent interfaces and communication protocols. The solution: upgrade existing machines with modern sensors. NewTec’s secure gateway technology ensures secure wireless connection via BLE and translates the sensor data into the universal machine language OPC UA.

Customer Benefit

  • Ready for immediate use: Plug & Play
  • No effort for software development
  • No BLE know-how required
  • Easy integration into existing environments
  • Easy operation for customers (without proprietary dashboards, tablets etc.)
  • Connection of all BLE-capable sensors – also from other machines
  • Long sensor battery life thanks to low power consumption
  • Cloud-based data analysis possible
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