Safety Module

NTSafeDrive: Dual chip based add-on Safety Module for Drives up to SIL 3 and PLe, Cat4


The NTSafeDrive is an add-on Safety Module. It is enabling existing drives to be used in environments where Functional Safety is required. It supports encoder and encoderless operation.

The Safety Module is based on a two FPGAs 1oo2 architecture. It is certifiable up to SIL3/SILCL3 according to IEC61508/IEC62061 and, PLe, Cat 4. according to ISO 13849. Concepts for a single chip solution (Processor with Lockstep or Lockstep in a FPGA) are in preparation. The modules are proven in use by different customers.




It supports all safe drive functions according to the IEC61800-5-2/ IEC60204-1:

Safe Torque Off (STO)
Safe Stop1 (SS1)
Safe Operating Stop (SOS)
Safe Stop2 (SS2)
Safely-Limited Position (SLP)
Safe Limited Speed (SLS)
Safe Speed Monitor (SSM)
Safe Direction (SDI)
Safely-limited Increment (SLI)
Safe Brake Control (SBC)


System Overview


Key features

1oo2 Architektur
HFT = 1 (IEC 61508)
6 safe inputs (customizable)
6 safe outputs (customizable)
1 Encoder Interface
Monitored Power Supply


Drive Interface

A possible interface to your existing Drive is either SPI or EMIF (External Memory Interface) but not limited to.


Encoder Interfaces

There are several encoder interfaces for state of the art encoder sensors and safety encoder sensors implementable:

- Sin/Cos
- TTL/RS422
- HTL Push-Pull
- BISS Safety
- Hiperface DSL
- EnDat


Technical Data

Standard Operating Voltage (customizable): 24 VDC
Standard Input Voltage (customizable): 18-36 VDC
Control Main (customizable): Intel Max10
Control Child (customizable): Intel Max10
DSI - Signal 0: < 5V
DSI - Signal 1: > 11V
DSO continuous current: 500 mA
DSO short circuit protection: external protection necessary
DSO switching frequency: 10 Hz
Standard Digital I/O Pins (3.3V): depends
Length: customizable
Width: customizable