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NTBatteryManagementSystem: Safety reference design in compliance to ISO 26262 ASIL C


The NewTec BMS is a Battery Management System for producer of Battery systems in cars as Auxiliary Battery or Starter Battery with Li-Ion battery. The NTBMS is designed for systems with high demand on reliability and safety in compliance to ISO 26262 ASIL C.

The NTBMS is a generic safety reference design for BMS developed in cooperation with NXP.

The Battery Management System of Li-Ion battery includes cell monitoring, current sensing, passive cell balancing, battery breaker and control, computation unit for Battery parameter extraction (SOC ,SOH) and communication to other ECU through LIN or CAN.

Battery management systems (BMS) are responsible to steer and control high-
voltage batteries of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. This control unit is essential
since several battery cells are unified to a cluster to enhance battery capacity. It is a charge regulator which should guarantee a stringent power supply of the engine.
Lithium-Ion batteries require a prevention of voltage fluctuation during the process of battery charging. Thus BMS are essential to monitor state of charge, load distribution, temperature of each battery cell as well as of the whole battery package and development of the charging capacity.


System Overview


Packages & Services


Key features

Integrated system diagnostic functions up to ASIL C

_    Overcurrent protection
_    Overcharge protection
_    Overtemperature protection
_    Overvoltage protection
_    Undervoltage (short circuit)
_    Unintended relay close
_    Unintended relay open
_    Crash detection


Battery Characteristics

Electrical current carrying capability:
200 A continuous current
800 A maximum current

BMS current:
operating current < 25 mA@RT

Intrusive diagnostics (performed by MCU)

Memory storage (RAM & flash)

Power management (low power and normal mode)

LIN for starterbattery

CAN for the auxiliary battery.