Industry 4.0

Production machines that autonomously communicate with each other; information technology that intelligently interconnects machines, people and materials; customers and partners that are seamlessly integrated into the business and production processes – the digitalisation of industry promises big opportunities such as the optimisation of value-creating processes or making production more flexible and individual.

But the fourth industrial revolution also entails challenges: The task is to make interconnected production safe and to protect people and the environment against accidents. Unauthorised access must be prevented and the production needs to be secured against external manipulation. And the systems should ultimately be scalable and make the future implementation of requirements possible.

However, only very few machines and plant manufacturers have the in-depth experience with intelligent networks – as is the case with the majority of manufacturing companies. Comprehensive knowledge about the relevant safety standards and the legal provisions is also seldom available.
NewTec provides you the support you require at the product-development stage with substantial development know-how, well-founded background knowledge in relation to security-relevant standards and comprehensive experience in the industry and automation branches of industry. We offer you training, services and products to successfully implement the requirements of Industry 4.0 and secure the success of your business going forward:

  • Know-how transfer by means of individual training, workshops and seminars.
  • Providing technology consultation, in particular in the areas of functional safety and embedded security
  • Products for the implementation of safety-relevant developments
  • Realisation of complex safety-relevant electronic systems
  • Product development throughout the entire life cycle of your product