Spectrum: SafeFlex

The SafeFlex Functional Safety Development Kit is intended to be used for your safety product, in cooperation with our partner Altera.

With the SafeFlex Altera FSDK evaluation board, you can:

  • satisfy the IEC 61508 up to SIL 3
  • satisfy the ISO 13849 up to Pl e Cat 4
  • minimize your risk during the development
  • reduce your development costs
  • reduce your time to market

You already have an SafeFlex FSDK? Then download here the SafeFlex files and documentation (SafeFlex User Area).

Order information:

  • Ordering Code: SafeFlex
  • Price: 1.999,00 €
  • Ordering via  order form

The SafeFlex Altera FSDK includes the following:

  • SafeFlex evaluation board
  • Cookbook for a safety development comply with the IEC 61508 (25 steps to SIL design)
  • SafeFlex quick start guide
  • SafeFlex reference manual
  • SafeFlex design files

Figure 1: SafeFlex FSDK Evaluation Board

The SafeFlex FSDK Evaluation Board is equipped with:

  • two Cyclone V FPGA and associated logic
  • 1oo2 architecture (according to IEC 61508: HFT = 1)
  • power supply including monitoring
  • Six safety discrete signal inputs
  • Four safety discrete signal outputs
  • supports Industrial Ethernet
  • connectors for expansion boards (Arduino shields, PMOD, …) 


To get detailed information download the technical descripton.

Figure 2: Block diagram Safe Flex FSDK

SafeFlex - FSDK is supporting now fieldbus communications with a safety protocol. The first supported fieldbus is the Ethernet POWERLINK from our partners EPSG and Softing. (http://www.ethernet-powerlink.org/; http://industrial.softing.com/de/startseite.html). The safety protocol is the open protocol openSAFETY from EPSG. The application will be downloadable as protected QSYS file.

The architecture of the system is depicted in following block diagram.

The SW generating the open SAFETY protocol is redundant with the use of the lockstep module fRSmartComp_nios2 of our partner YOGITECH (http://www.yogitech.com/en).

'SafeFlex First' seminar

Additionally you get 30% discount on a  two days 'SafeFlex First' seminar:

Day 1: Introduction to functional safety

How to design a certifiable product which fulfils safety standards?
Which artefacts need to be created using the safety process?
(Hazard and risk analysis, safety plan..)

Day 2: Developing a safety-critical product by using SafeFlex– FSDK
Getting started with SafeFlex– FSDK.
What to consider when developing safety critical systems using FPGA.

The seminar will enable you to enter the professional development of their functional safe product. In this seminar and beyond the NewTec safety experts consult with their knowledge available.

For more information about the ‘SafeFlex First’ seminar don’t hesitate
to contact us - safeflex@newtec.de

Figure 3: NewTec services and safety products