Over the clouds, there is no place for compromise - failures must not occur. Modern airplane architectures are based on various systems including more and more software and complex hardware. To guarantee safety at rising complexity, the development of such systems has to adhere to international standards (e.g. DO-254, DO-178B/C). A lack of understanding of these standards or an ineffective implementation of the development process can lead to problems in product certification, budget and time to market overruns and missed business opportunities. NewTec, for over 15 years, has been a reliable partner in the development of software and hardware systems for the aviation industry.

NewTec prepares your development department to DO-254 and DO-178B/C-Projects. Our experienced engineers will support you in the projects and also in product authorization or developments for your ready subsystems and components that will fulfill the requirements of DO-178B/C and / or DO-254.