FPGA based safety concept for customer solutions up to SIL3

The NTSmartWatchdog concept is a SIL3 prepared solution. It enables your single-channel systems to become safety-capable. It is based on your Customer Application FPGA and an additional Smart Watchdog FPGA. It is certifiable for SIL3 according to IEC 61508.
With the use of the NTSmartWatchdog concept, you can focus on your core competence, functional safety is achieved by using the NTSmartWatchdog concept and the support of NewTec. You can create new systems or integrate it into existing system-architectures with little effort to „safetyfy“ your system.
The development approach that the NTSmartWatchdog concept promotes is designed to shorten development cycles. The objective of this approach is to effectively save development effort, improve consistency and reduce the time to market and costs for safety products.

Customer benefits

  • Short time to market
  • Reduce development effort
  • Easy to apply on existing products
  • Built in diagnostics

Typical applications

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Energy Management


Key features

  • Intel FPGA as Customer Application FPGA
  • MAX10 FPGA as Smart Watchdog
  • Integrated IP-Cores for
    • Safe RAM
    • Safe ROM
    • Safe Clock
    • Diagnostic Communication
  • IP-Cores on demand for
    • Safe Digital Inputs
    • Safe Digital Outputs
    • Safe Ethernet Communication
  • Power Supply Design  including Power Supply Monitoring


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