NTSecureGateway HelmsDeep96

Development board for prototyping secure applications

The NTSecureGateway HelmsDeep96 development board is based on the Microchip® ATSAMA5D27 embedded platform with the high-performance System-in-Package 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-A5 processor-running up to 500 MHz and is compliant with the 96Boards Consumer Edition Extended Version specification managed by Linaro.
The combination of the ATSAMA5D27 embedded platform’s and the ECC608 Secure Element, expands the possibilities of connected computing while providing the ultimate in security. The HelmsDeep96 development board supports a wide range of interfaces and is ideal for prototyping secure applications. The HelmsDeep 96 embedded platform is designed to provide a fast and secure connection between connected Mezzanine cards and the outer world, via Ethernet or WLAN.
HelmsDeep96 embedded platform is designed to provide a fast-track deployment path, with integration services and production-ready, customizable SoMs (System-on-Modules) and is available to turn a HelmsDeep96 based invention into a commercial product.

Customer Benefit

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduction in costs for development and certification
  • Ready-to-use communication interfaces
  • Highly secure

Typical Applications

  • Legacy Industrial Applications
  • Facility Management
  • Metering
  • Payments
  • Biometric
  • Smart home devices
  • Building automation

System overview


Key features

What do we solve?

  • Secure storage / Secure Boot
  • Crypto Engine in TrustZone with SDK in Linux
  • OpenSSL adaptor
  • HW crypto and TRNG
  • Device ID, immutable, bound to the HWRoT (ECC key pair)
  • Managed Key store and Certificate Authority store
  • Factory Provisioning Services
  • Small Footprint due to SIP technology

Kit Content

  • Development Board HelmsDeep96
  • Preloaded Sequitur Labs EmSpark Security Suite
  • Demo Support for AWS, MS Azure
  • Root of Trust (HWRot):  ATECC608 Secure Element preprovisioned with private/public key and
    certificate chain for authentication of TCP/IP TLS use-cases (PKCS11 available soon)
  • Housing available on request
  • Customization Services for Software/ Hardware and Security concepts

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