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NewTec has over three decades of project experience in the implementation of sophisticated systems, focusing on functional safety and information security.

Modern systems place considerable demands on the technology, the compliance with norms, standards and methods as well as the approach according to process-oriented models. NewTec has been successfully implementing all of this in large-scale projects for several years. We want our customers to benefit from our wealth of experience in their seminars.

In-house events
We can offer you all of our seminars in the form of in-house events. Individual and convenient at your location.

Open seminars
Some events are also held at NewTec as open seminars.

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Functional safety in practice
The seminar offers you a compact overview over the standards and their use and will simplify the access to functional safety for you. Apart from extensive knowledge about embedding functional safety in your development projects, you will receive recommendations about the first steps for safety critical developments. More...
Developing functionally safe systems
The seminar will introduce you to the common terminology of the standard and will show interdependencies with other standards. You can classify your product development and have the tools to realistically evaluate the effort. In addition, you will get familiar with the subject to an extent that you can exchange views with experts and other reference persons. More...
Seminar Package: Safety-First
As a specialist for functional safety, NewTec can offer you the foundation and assistance to start implementing standards and corresponding processes. More...
Seminar Package: Safety-Plus
As a specialist for functional safety, NewTec can offer you the foundation and assistance to start implementing standards and corresponding processes. More...


Industrial Security Awareness
You learn why highly reliable systems and components in an industrial environment require both safety and security. Furthermore, you will learn how security will be integrated systematically into the product design and which requirements are necessary in the product lifecycle for security. More...
Industrial Security for Engineers
You will learn how “Security by design” in the product lifecycle for security related components is implemented in an industrial environment. More...
Wireless Security (Workshop)
Understanding of BLE security features and how they should be used and what should be avoided. Security flaws are shown in detail. What is important when selecting a radio chip. What is important when selecting the stack. More...

Digital Vision & Mission: Business transformation for the digital future (Duration: 1 day)
With what will you earn money in ten years’ time?

In the workshop, industry trends are analysed so that an integral digital vision and mission for your business can be developed based on a market and competition analysis. This will give you a solid foundation for a digital transformation roadmap to guarantee success for your company. More…

Digital Business Innovation: Business models for digital transformation (Duration: 2 days)
How do your digital business models look like?

In Guided Sessions, we focus on crucial: suitable markets and correct technologies for your product innovations, matching business models, creation of the required expertise, transformation of your development projects and reorganisation of production processes (if required), as well as: How is the Return on Investment? More…

Change & Values: Reorganisation for digital change (Duration: 2 days)
How do you establish digital change in your organisation?

In the seminar, a basic understanding of the personal and corporate values is created. Based on a market environment analysis, challenges for the company are identified. Then, factors for success and obstacles of the corporate culture are identified. This is used as a basis for the creation of a transformation roadmap including quick wins to emerge stronger from the digital change. More…


Bluetooth® low energy technology (Workshop)
After the seminar you will have a well-founded overview of Bluetooth® low energy technology. On the basis of existing requirements, you will be able to decide whether Bluetooth® low energy technology can be used in your project. More...
NTTrainSolutions: TRDP Hands-on-Workshop
Apart from extensive knowledge about TRDP, you will learn the first steps of implementation first hand in this workshop. Realistic examples and independent implementation of a component will help to deepen the knowledge acquired and will create a basis for your product development. More...


Technology meets law: Developing high-quality products with certainity
You will get a systematic overview over the most important basics in liability law. You will develop specific strategic concepts with your team to reach the individually determined goal. This way, you will develop a solution approach in the workshop which will systematically improve the product quality in a sustainable and reliable way. This process is accompanied by planning concrete implementation measures. More...
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