Embedded Security

Security for Industry 4.0 and IoT – for the entire product life cycle

The demand for Industrial Security is growing. Increasing integration of embedded system within the framework of IoT and Industry 4.0 comes with increased vulnerability for cyber threats. Manufacturers and suppliers must act to remain competitive and to avoid liability risks.
Nowadays, security is an important quality feature of integrated systems and components. With NTSecuritySolutions, NewTec supports component manufacturers, system integrators and operators (OEMs) in mastering the associated challenges:

1. Security by Design: Already in the development stage, security must be integrated into the system architecture, since subsequent security measures for insecure architectures are costly, complex and ineffective in the long run.

2.  Security over the entire life cycle: Ensure that your networked systems are protected at all times during operation - e.g. against new threats.

3.  Complex, diverting requirements: Combine the requirements of security, functionality and especially safety.

Our approach

  • Structured security management process
    Synchronization of all parts of the product engineering process (system development, security development and safety development) according to the requirements of the relevant standards IEC 62443 and IEC 61508
  • Security services and solutions
    Support in securing your products and systems - from design to operation.

Our services:

  • Integrated process consultation
    Security management process according to 62443-4
  • Security services
    Consulting: Analyses, concepts, trainings
    Development support: System integration/engineering
    Operational support: Secure operation
  • Hardware platforms (NTSecureCloudSolutions)
    System components for secure IoT solutions: sensor nodes, gateways, cloud services

Integrated process consultation: NTSecurityManagementProcess

NTSecurityManagementProcess - our proven security management process - completes your product development processes. The structural approach combines all requirements for system development, security and safety to safeguard system implementation. We can train and advise your staff on how to implement the security management process or we can join your project team on site.

Added value for your processes

  • Processes compliant with IEC 62443
  • Basis for conformity declaration or certification
  • No liability risks
  • Structured controlled process
  • Transparency of development steps
  • Higher product quality 

Security services and platforms: From system concept to safe operation

NewTec offers a wide selection of services and platform solutions for security engineering which cover the complete life cycle of your secure product - from system concept to project implementation and secure operation.

Expert Services to secure your products
System- and requirement analyses, security concepts, reviews and tests, Interim security manager

Engineering and integration support
From system development through security and safety engineering to system integration

Managed services for securing the operation
Individual operational concepts and managed services to protect against new cyber threads

Security know-how for your employees: workshops, trainings, seminars
We help you to build up your own security know-how and sensitize your employees to information security issues. You can find our complete training program here.

NTSecureCloudSolutions: System components for secure IoT solutions

Our hardware platforms with end-to-end encryptions help you launch secure IoT systems more quickly and with minimum development efforts.

Your benefits

  • Highly secure IoT applications with hardware-based end-to-end encryption
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Cost savings for development and certification
  • Flexibility due to numerous communication  interfaces

The NTSecureCloudSolutions include security nodes for cloud connection of sensors and IoT devices (NTSecureNode), a secure IoT gateway (NTSecureGateway), software for trusted communication with cloud services (NTSecureCloudConnector), a highly secure cloud database (NTSecureCloud) and cloud-based data analysis services for various applications.

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Your competitive benefits

Strengthening your market position by  professional security processes and secure systems

Accelerated development thanks to ready-to-use IoT platforms (sensor nodes and gateways)

Robust systems that can be operated securely even in years to come

Fit for the future and securing your investments

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