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System Engineering: Principles and practical exercises

You are just beginning your career as a system engineer and require some methodical know-how. Our experienced trainers will work with you on the relationships between the different sub-disciplines of system engineering. This seminar offers the transfer of know-how in a concentrated form.


  • System requirement analysis
  • System design
  • Integration, test and verification

Customer Benefits:
You will get a well-founded overview over the most important stages of system engineering. You will understand that system engineering is more than the sum of single sub-disciplines and that it requires an integral, systemic approach. You have an eye for the whole process, you are aware of possible error sources and will implement what you have learned with the goal on your mind.

Target Group:
Project managers to be, engineers in software and hardware development

3 Days



7.480 Euro plus VAT

The seminar takes place at your location.
By appointment.

Seminar-Nr. CAMP.SE
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