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Defining security requirements for embedded systems

IT security cannot be implemented into embedded systems after the fact. If a weak point becomes known, or worse, goes to the press, incorporating protective measures against manipulation or sabotage afterwards is just repair work in hindsight, but no longer a solution. As soon as the system is in operation, it is too late for fundamental changes in its architecture. Just like functional security, IT security must be considered and incorporated from the beginning and throughout the whole life-cycle of the system.


  • Introduction into IT security
  • Overview over requirements engineering
  • REQU-IS: a method to collect and analyse IT security requirements
  • Monitored exercises of the content and deepening with a practical example
  • Lessons learned

Customer Benefits:
The seminar shows how security requirements can be collected with the framework REQU-IS in a complete and structured manner and how this will create reasonable specifications for realising a planned embedded system. The contents are corroborated with real-life examples and amended with tips for a further deepening of the topic.

Target Group:
Requirement managers, security managers, project managers, system architects, developers



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