Embedded Security in the scope of the IoT and Industry 4.0

NTSecuritySolutions: The complete package from NewTec for secured components and systems

The increasing interconnection of embedded systems in the scope of the IoT and Industry 4.0 is also increasing its vulnerability to cyber threats. Many components are insufficiently protected against unauthorised access. This poses a risk to the security of the entire network as regards potential downtimes and manipulation. It is therefore necessary for businesses to respond to these risks in order to protect themselves and others from damage and to comply with the legal regulations. In particular, this applies to the manufacturers and operators of critical infrastructure components (CRITIS) including ones from the areas of energy, information technology, transport/road traffic and health (keyword: IT Security Act).

Embedded Security: protection against attempted sabotage and manipulation

When protecting your systems, products and facilities, benefit from our expertise and experience in the area of security. NewTec offers you a comprehensive package of services and training offers surrounding the topic of IT security – from the detailed risk analysis, to the conceptualisation and accompanying of professional security processes according to IEC 62443. In this way, you ensure the permanent availability of your systems and protect yourself against lost sales, loss of image and liability risks.

From the system concept to the secure operation

NewTec offers a wide range of solutions and services for security engineering which covers the complete life cycle of your system – from the system concept, to the implementation of the project, to the secure operation. Among others, our offer encompasses consultations, risk and requirement analyses, security concepts, the technical implementation of all requirements as well as security tests and analyses, but also for the continuous safeguarding of your systems during their daily operations.

Safeguarding systems effectively: expert services surrounding product development

Security requirements surrounding a product should be analysed in detail and taken into account before the start of the development and during the conceptualisation of the product (security by design). This is because implementing security measures only when new weak points are discovered is much more time-consuming and expensive, and only provides temporary protection – until the next problem arises. Our expert services help you to effectively safeguard new or existing products.

  • Security risk assessment
  • Security requirements analysis
  • Security planning
  • Security concepts
  • Penetration tests
  • Security strength tests
  • Statistical code analysis

Safeguarding during running operations: managed services in the product life cycle

Safeguarding systems demands constant attention – as new weak points and attack scenarios arise every day. It is therefore necessary to ensure that interconnected products and applications remain topical at all times. Managed services from NewTec support you with:

  • the continuous verification of weak points due to new threat situations
  • the continuous verification of conformity with the current security standards
  • the continuous maintenance of the required protection needs
  • incident management
  • obsolescence management for security-related system components
  • update management

Ready-to-copy: security platforms for your applications


NTSecureCloudSolutions, a comprehensive IoT solution and service package for secure IoT applications, bring data – relating to sensors, for example – securely into the cloud. At their heart is a ready-to-use IoT platform for certified and secure hardware and software solutions with end-to-end encryption. It encompasses IoT end devices and/or sensor nodes (NTSecureDevices), a secure IoT gateway (NTSecureGateway) as well as a modular cloud system (NTSecureCloud). Find out more...


Transfer of know-how workshops, training courses and seminars

Our training courses help you to develop your personal know-how in selected areas of security and to raise your employees’ levels of awareness for questions surrounding information security.

  • Basic seminar on establishing safety awareness (1 day)
  • Safety training course on the application of the IEC 62443 (1 day)
  • Workshop: Defining security requirements for embedded systems
  • Customer-specific security workshops on request

You can find our complete training programme here.



Your benefits

Strengthening of your market position thanks to professional security processes and secure systems

Ensuring your competitiveness through the reliable protection of your sensitive data

Protection against loss of image and liability risks by avoiding manufacturing downtimes and data protection problems

Considerable security expertise with development processes and global security standards

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